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Welcome to Doodhadhari Burfani Medical Research Institute

Doodhadhari Burfani Medical Research Institute is a unique medical facility serving the needs of all sections of society especially the needy and underprivileged.

The hospital offers 100% free treatment to all the patients. Patients are not charged for any consultation, medication, diagnostics or indoor admissions. Not even a token amount is charged for registration etc.
At Doodhadhari Burfani Medical Research Institute, we provide services in both preventive and curative medicine. Provisions for modern medicine as well as alternative medicine such as homeopathy are made available to all patients. The hospital provides facilities at all levels, from primary care to specialized patient care.

The hospital is connected with a state of the art computerized hospital management system which connects the various information, administrative, therapeutic, diagnostic, and support services. It started as a 75 bed facility in 2004, and is now a 400 bed facility with fully furnished with state of the art medical equipment.