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Doodhadhari Burfani Medical Research Institute is founded to provide care to people with love and compassion and serve the God that exists in each person (Narayan Seva through Nar Seva).


Our vision is that no patient should remain untreated, irrespective of their income or status.



Bade Maharaj Ji

In 1980 Bade Maharaj Ji had a vision of a hospital which would be free for everyone. The facility would be so advanced that people from all over the country and abroad would come here for treatment.


Prabhudas Ji Maharaj

Sant Prabhudas Ji Maharaj, the present head of the organization, has an MBBS degree, specialising in neurosurgery. He was a renowned homeopathic practitioner before his sanyas.          
Sant Prabhudas ji has traveled extensively in India, USA, UK, Europe and Africa, where he has lectured by invitation, at various forums. 
During 1986 to 2002 Sant Prabhudas Ji Maharaj spent 5 months meditating in the cold winters of Badrinath. In his 17th year of meditation in Badrinath, he had a vision - “Nar Sewa is Narayan Sewa,” which lead to the building of this hospital in 2004.


The institute has organized several medical camps in the hilly regions of Uttarakhand, where basic health care was not available. These week long camps have treated over 1500 to 2000 patients daily.

The camps are equipped with mobile general surgery and eye operation units. Over 50 renowned doctors and surgeons were present.

       A history of our camps:

  • Badrinath, August 1994

  • Gwaldham, May 1996

  • Gwaldham,April 1997

  • Haridwar, October 1999

  • Badrinath, June 2000

  • Guptakashi, June 2004

  • Uttarkashi, June 2005

  • Haridwar camp at Doodhadhari Hospital



Doodhadhari Hospital is administered by the Raghvendra Sewashram Samiti-a charitable society which consists of world-renowned doctors, lawyers, leading industrialists, professionals and other eminent members of society.

The Samiti has been involved in charitable activities since the last 50 years and oversees the Baba Doodhadhari Burfani Ashram which has a Ram Mandir and a Gaushala with over 500 cows.

In addition to milk bearing cows, the Gaushala cares for cows that are old, sick and cannot produce milk anymore. The milk that is produced is distributed free to visitors of the Ram Mandir as well as the patients in the hospital.

The Samiti has organized several medical camps in the hilly regions of Uttarakhand where people do not have access to quality health care.

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