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An update about Coronavirus deaths at Doodhadhari Burfani Hospital

Over the past year Covid-19 has claimed countless lives, and governments all over the world have had to spare every resource necessary to fight this battle. At the the Doodhadhari Burfani Ashram, we too have felt a responsibility in offering any services we can in helping our fellow citizens, and the world.

In doing our part, we believed that medical support was crucial in fighting this pandemic. In this spirit, the Doodhadhari Burfani Ashram handed full control over the administration, and infrastructure, of the hospital to the Uttarakhand government, for the past year. This availability was made free of cost, and the Covid Care Centre is being fully managed by the government administration.

Since the Uttarakhand government has taken full jurisdiction of the hospital and its services, everything from the admission of Covid patients, to their day to day treatment and care, has been handled by the state government appointed nodal officer. Any delay in reporting of any facts related to the hospital is the sole responsibility of the nodal officer.

Recently, due to a lack of awareness of the transition of administrative responsibilities to the Uttarakhand government, there have been incorrect reports published by newspaper outlets Amar Ujala, Times Nation, and Haridwar Jagaran, along with media outlets India TV, and ABP News. These reports of Covid patient deaths at the hospital have unfortunately placed the responsibility with the Ashram, rather than the Uttarakhand government.
Doodhadhari Burfani Ashram has promptly notified the newspaper outlets of this discrepancy, and all 3 outlets have subsequently published clarifications of the news report.

Shown below is an one such correction posted by Amar Ujala:

Amar Ujala - Article.jpg

Furthermore, we have requested the Chief Editors of the two media outlets, ABP News and India TV, to publish a retraction of their inaccurate news report, so that the public is accurately informed.

Shown below is a copy of the letters sent to both media outlets

The Doodhadhari Burfani Hospital, out of public good, has been serving millions of patients since its inception in 2005, and we would like to avoid any misleading information, which can defame our hospital.

We are hopeful that ABP News and India TV will take our concerns seriously, and will air a retraction of their incorrect news report.

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